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niko_molokov's Journal
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Friday, June 24th, 2005
4:25 pm
Owl Post: Lucius Malfoy, [heavily warded, slightly outdoing Lucius' own ward]
*Letter glows faintly as a translation spell passes over it.*


Golug Mahkfal sal zug…

*Niko curses and adjusts the charm with a flick of his wrist.*


Yes, I recall the Midsummer ball with pleasure.

The effects of the Mark was a great surprise after so many years, but your letter is not. I expected a summons of this nature.

My father was of the old ways; he trained me himself in the better known Magicks, and some family specialties. I will be glad to assist.

Niko Molokov
3:21 pm
Owl Post: Percy Weasley

I maybe have a solution to our neighbour problem. I think the Tolvaldis will lock the doors and hide when they know.

Gone Saturday (no complains!), but Sunday... we celebrate.

3:51 am
Floo Call: N. Molokov to P. Weasley
*Bedroom fireplace -- connected!*

Niko sits up, startled: "You are here."

Percy pulls the tie tighter on his robe, and yawns broadly: "Of course I'm here. It's four o'clock in the bloody morning. What are you doing up--no, don't answer that."

Niko: "Work. I just begin." *carefully dips his quill in a small pot on the hearth. It's warmed by a flame wavering beneath it.* "This is to be only done in the last watch." *steps out of the Floo for a moment, then returns with an oddly thick piece of parchment.*

Percy: "Tell me that's not blood."

Niko intones, not looking up as he writes: "That's not blood."

Percy sighs: "I told you not to tell me."

*Niko silently writes, frowning in concentration.*

Percy: "Well...?"

Niko: "Sh!" *He finishes with a flourish and examines his handiwork.*

Percy: "Very nice. Now, what is it?"

Niko: "I make one for you, one for Marcellus...." *He looks up doubtfully.* "You will accept?"

Percy: "I can't see --"

*Niko steps back and tosses a flash of Floo powder.*

"-- why not."

*Percy catches the thick sheet before it falls, then turns it over in his hands.* "It's lovely. You have the nicest penmanship, Niko. Though I think you should have moved your, ah, apparatus first."

*Percy gingerly picks up the pot of blood out of his own fireplace.*

Niko: "Throw that in toilet. The Runes... you put under your pillow. It catches, hmm, dharanis." *He frowns and gives Percy an intense, measuring look.* "It is okay?"

Percy turns the sheet over, puzzled: "Why wouldn't it be?"

Niko shrugs one shoulder: "That is not paper."
Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005
7:37 pm
Owl Post: Percy I. Weasley, Rome

You are jealous. I like it.

He is from my old school; Marcellus, my roommate. Also, he had some work. He is asking to know more about you.

He liked the red hair.


P.S. Hmm. I need a picture by the front.
Tuesday, June 21st, 2005
10:08 pm
Owl Post: Percy I. Weasley
Percy, some job is come up – you forgive Niko?

Now Niko Guilty
10:06 pm
Owl Post: Marcellus Dolohov
Marcellus! An hour?

Many years it's been. So, uh, ah, sure. Yes. Work. The castle it is not clean – but you come, yes, I will -- I will see you. Drinking, you say? You come, I will have drinks, but maybe late. It is messy.

So many years, Marcellus. What you do now?

10:00 pm
Owl Post: Percy I. Weasley, Rome
Percy, some job is come up – you forgive Niko?

Now Niko Guilty
9:58 pm
Owl Post: Marcellus Dolohov
Marcellus! An hour?

Many years it's been. So, uh, ah, sure. Yes. Work. The castle it is not clean – but you come, yes, I will -- I will see you. Drinking, you say? You come, I will have drinks, but maybe late. It is messy.

So many years, Marcellus. What you do now?

9:38 pm
Owl Post: Percy I. Weasley, Rome

Wear only this jeweler's glass.

Niko (damned dinner? Think that Percy, he is hungry.)
9:31 pm
Owl Post: Percy I. Weasley, Rome

What time you Floo?

You Don't Need Jewelers Glass (underwear? Where is it?)
9:25 pm
Owl Post: Percy I. Weasley, Rome
Mr Moneybags,

How much do you get?

Stripping While Speak
9:20 pm
Owl Post: Percy I. Weasley, Rome

Ah, guilty! Have got you now. Pay the Niko, hmm... one million Galleons and everything we forgive.

The Collector
9:11 pm
Owl Post: Percy I. Weasley, Rome.

What you doing?

The Filthy Liar
Friday, June 17th, 2005
4:34 pm
Via Genie Bottle: Return of Funds
*Message coalesces from smoke as the bottle left under park bench is opened by the correct hands.*

14,000 Gal. returned to Swiss Gringott's account, as demanded.

Request second attempt at contract. You felt that, 'Mitry. I know you did.

Ruined my aim, bad timing. Now Lorman's dead.

*Message dissipates.*
Friday, April 1st, 2005
11:42 pm
Owl Post: Percy Weasley

Now I must say it: for one first time your English is worse than this Molokov.

I cannot resist. You talk like the mad mongoose all the day long. I tell the servants not to tell you. Now I am gone on business. If you speak no English when I come home, maybe you learn Lithuanian, hmm? Because I don't know what you speak.

Chiao -

Or maybe bonne nuit?

Or maybe gute nacht?



P.S. It is not my dishonor -- I didn't do it! But special prizes for any who did. What is this charm?

Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004
9:55 pm
Owl Post: Percy Weasley
Dear naughty kissy boy,

I can only put on two shoes. You lose, you find.

So... the Snape give you shivers and make you seem naked when he take back his snake-boy?

You like the Snape more the little Malfoy? Suprises.

Tscha. So sad no one touch your bottom when you dance. Not this Zabini. Not Miss Cauldwell. And no one kiss the kissy-boy behind the drape.

We fix that. My home, it has many drapes.

Your dream-boy,
Niko, THE Molokov

P.S. I will put Harry Potter and your brother in the west tower. Very nice, eh?
2:15 pm
Note left beside Percy's pillow.
Good morning, silly boy.

The pillow was too wet (you drool, but with which thoughts, hmm..?). I will see you at the home. Your pretty robe is not broken, but maybe a different colour. You like silver? Maybe a little stiff also.

I do hope the last night was enough. I did not have the buffet table or -- what was the thought? -- sticky punch you think the Blaise-boy lick off you, or the lots of people to watch. But, you see, I try.

I am still sticky (you take of this, yes?),
Monday, June 21st, 2004
7:29 pm
Ausgefahring Floo Internalische, Zurich: N. Molokov to Wizengamot Conference: Rm. 432
Sitting room floo: *boarded up*

Bedroom floo: *boarded up*

Niko Molokov to Floo service (in broken German): "This is a family emergency. Could you have to hotel staff break down the --"

Bedroom floo (Percy's voice): "All right, all right, I'm here! No need to embarrass me to the entire hotel staff."

*The Floo call is accepted. Boards disappear, revealing Percy in a short nightshirt, glasses off, holding his wand.*

Percy sits on the edge of the bed with his hands crossed over his knees.

"Is it time for the inquisition?"

Niko rests his chin on his upper arm, leaning on the hearth, sprawled. He smirks. "So. You like Zabini's after shave that much?"

Percy moans and falls backward onto the bed, hands over his face. "This is a horrible invasion of privacy, Niko. Those are my thoughts."

"Hmmm. Stay like that. Nice view." Percy quickly tugs the nightshirt down, and squirms onto his side, leaning up on an elbow.

"Am I in trouble?"

"Let me come visit. I will show you."

Percy shakes his head as Niko stands. "It's not possible, this is a high security event: we have the Minister of Ecuador, the Zambian delegation, the entire staff of the Egyptian envoy arrived early this morning and they've had their best security wizards on the job. I couldn't get you in with an invitation and a crow--" *The fireplace flares green. Niko hops down jauntily.*

"--crowbar," Percy finishes lamely. "You're going to get me in trouble."

Niko catches Percy face with both hands and kisses him, long and slow. As he's released, Percy breathes at last.

"I could have told you I was faithful... but my thoughts...."

Niko nips at his nose. "Are just thoughts." And kisses him again. "But I want that after shave."
Tuesday, June 8th, 2004
11:05 pm
Owl Post: Percy Weasley [letter written in strange silver ink on black paper]

That was quick -- you are close. Now you where?

Tscha. You know he is divorce last year. He said it to you. This thinking's no good. Come home.

10:52 pm
Owl Post: Percy Weasley
Dear Percy,

Where are you? The Wizengamot say you leave yesterday.

So you saw this newspaper.

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